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People that discover that we are  a mobile application developers often ask us to estimate immediately the cost of the development. Those people often do not realise that mobile application development can vary from project to project. This is the reason that we decided to write this article in order to make more clear what should be the process of going from an idea to a good mobile application product. Here are the necessary steps:

Define your mobile application idea properly and in detail

decide what features you expect this application to have. Think about what user demographics you are targeting for this application. And answer the most important question when deciding to build your application – what is the problem this application aims to solve and how this application solves this problem. Think about why would customers want to use your product and how much it will worth to the people you are aiming to serve with this product.

Define the market for your mobile application

The next step in deciding to build the application is to take the idea you came up with in the first phase and search the market for an existing implementation. Ask people from the field you aiming your application for, if they heard of a similar or resembling product. If they did, check your competition’s product, see if your product provides any new or additional value for the same customers you are aiming at with your competition. If they didn’t heard of a similar or resembling product, ask those people if they see value in your product and what would it be worth to them.

Define the value of your mobile application

Take in mind that creating an application can be a long and hard process. So you have to be certain that you idea brings something new or improved to the table. If you’re are absolutely sure that the product you are thinking about does not exist or worth the effort due to additional features that the competition lacking, try to estimate how big is the market you product is trying to aim for. Creating an application can also be an expensive process (obviously depends on the complexity of the application and the development effort it needs), So you need to make sure it’s worth the effort and expenses.

Define the goal for the first version of your mobile application

Ones you sure you want to create your mobile application, you need to decide what kind of product you want to publish at the first step of the product’s distribution, investment seeking or marketing. There are several ways to go about this stage. You can create a dummy product just to present your idea and go with that to investors. You could also create a simplified version of the product that does not include all the features your end products aims at and to use this as a presentation pitch or obviously you can try to with a much more complete application. Each way has it positives and negatives.

Design your mobile application properly

Now that you ready and set to go into the process of application development, the first step is designing the application. This step is very important because it will define how your mobile application will adopted by the users of the target platform. Each mobile platform has its design guide lines and it’s strongly encouraged to follow them.

Define the architecture of your mobile application

Once you have the design locked down, you need to think of the architecture of your application. What are the basic building blocks of your application going to be. Starting from the entities you want to represent in your application, going to the screens you want to represent those entities in and continue with the transitions between those screens. You should also consider the system and external apis you would want to use for your application. This is important because modern mobile systems today require different permission for different api function you may want to use in the application and the user may enable and disable those at any time. Also you would need to decide what data you would want to store for long term and how you would want to do it. Finally, you need to think what are the long and short tasks you would want to run in background threads in order to let the mobile application as best as it can for the users.

Development of your mobile application

Finally, once you went through all of this and you have your design and architecture you are going into development. This process can go several ways and depends on a lot of parameters. In our opinion the first phase of the development should end with the most simple working product that can drive you point home for investors and users. From there keep the versions coming with small and incremental updates to the features and the overall user experience.

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