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Contact Lists

Remember that you are getting lists of contacts from your school, kindergarten or any other places. Lists with the parents, with coworkers or just because you are working in a project with other people? Now you can use Contacts Lists that will help you to create custom lists of contacts and share those lists with the people in this list.


FiTracker App will help you to track your progress and your achievements in your training while you are making your life healthier.

BE ALL Access

“BE ALL Access” app is used to control door access at “BE ALL” facilities in Tel Aviv, Israel. It allow the user to open or close their office door with easy of smart phone app. “BE ALL” is about empowering a new innovation society.


Allinfo and find best places to buy, eat and shop. Save on the things you need every day. Find great deals and offers to eat, see, and do near you and around the world. Whether you want to try a new restaurant, in need of a relaxing massage, looking for a new gym, shopping for the latest fashion trends, or daydreaming about a hotel for a tropical getaway, Allinfo is here to help with all info necessary.

Brainy: Play to Learn!

Brainy Play to Learn! is a memory game with vibrant and vivid pictures. The entire family will definitely love playing with friends and most importantly each other. Everyone will be hooked and at the same time train their memory and increase knowledge.

OmGate Pro

Open your gate easily and cheaply. Never buy new remotes and give your friends and family access to your gate without hassle. Turn your gate to smart gate with OmGate Pro. 


Spydro is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures short videos of fish biting your lures and syncs them with your mobile device. Simultaneously, Spydro logs the location and accompanying sensor data with each video it captures. The Spydro app then uses these bite events as waypoints in an automatically created fishing route.

Bridge Timer

Bridge Timer will help you to manage Bridge tournaments. It can also help you prepare yourself for tournaments. You can use the application with OverTimer and after each board an over time timer will start. You will have to stop it when you finish the board, With this option you will be capable to see how much time you need to finish a board if it’s more than the regular time.
Custom time can be defined for each board.