So you’ve got a great idea. How do you turn it into a workable product?

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You need the right team behind you, professional experts in software design and architecture who understand what a great product looks like and what your users need.

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We Create Unique Applications

Our world is moving at a rapid pace. Today’s cutting-edge technologies are tomorrow’s archaic systems. You need the right team at the forefront of ever-changing technologies. 

Digital Cherry is Digital Development Done Right.

We create native mobile applications for iOS and Android. We use all the latest tech like Flutter and others, which are optimized for high performance and seamlessly high quality.

Our clients come from a variety of industries including:


Enhance the shopping experience with smart, seamless, and beautifully designed eCommerce products.


Products for variety of health issues and treatments that let your users explore digital health in a whole new way.


In an increasingly digital world, consumers expect more digital experiences. Make life simpler and more convenient with next-gen IoT products.


Discover the power of BLE. Delight your customers with products that consume low energy with long-lasting battery life for greater connectivity.

Software Companies

Products we made for other software companies with intelligent software architecture and design.

Hardware Integration

We bring together hardware and software for smooth integration and the ultimate in technological performance.

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The faces behind our success

Our team is comprised of dynamic local talent who are deeply enmeshed in the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem. We eat, sleep, and breathe next-gen innovation. We don't outsource talent, all of our work is done in-house.

Daniel Szasz

CTO & CoFounder



Daniel has been toying with computers since he was 7 years old. A mobile entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology, his career spans more than 30 years in software development for enterprise applications, web infrastructure, and system architecture. Daniel is a member of several computer technology forums.

Emil’s passion for computers began at a young age. As a young boy of 10, his technician father helped him take apart his first computer and re-assemble it. A fascination with technology began and has continued through today with roles as a System Administrator, Configuration Manager, QA Manager, and Software Engineer. As the company’s Mobile Architect, he designs application workflows, data configuration models, and user experience processes.

Emil Adjiev

Mobile Architect & CoFounder

Orly Novik

UI UX & CoFounder


A creative designer and original thinker, Orly enjoys expressing herself through art. She understands that each client’s needs are unique and tailors her design to each project accordingly. Orly has a deep awareness and respect for intelligent design and user experience. Her goal is to become the top application designer in the industry.

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We offer more cost-effective services than others and give our clients the top-quality service that is far less common at larger development companies. Our unique 1-1 approach means we’ll spend the time to design the right product with your vision in mind.

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